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SLEEPWALKER 3D (MUNG YAU 3D) on Octobe 27 2011 will open in the Mainland for Halloween.  The film earlier held its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival.  After returning from Tokyo,
recently a national premiere was held in Beijing.  Oxide Pang Shun, Angelica Lee Sinjie, Huo Siyan, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Li Zhonghan all appeared.

Lee Sinjie in the film appeared without make up to play a mother who suffered from sleepwalking.  Her mental struggle and conflict affected the audience.  At the premier everyone praised Sinjie's acting, in particular when she fought for her child in the film many shed tears.  Lee Sinjie honestly said, "Thrill and spiritual pressure were very real.  I was very much in character, maintaining the condition and emotions all
day.  When we got to the scene my emotions couldn't be held back and I kept crying."  Yeung Choi Nei even shared Pang Shun and Lee Sinjie's "Sleepwalking couple" on the set gossip, saying that she was very envious that Lee Sinjie married a good husband.

Huo Siyan not only shared the joy of homecoming form Tokyo, "Daring Huo" also said that she was very sentimental.  In the film she played a Hong Kong female inspector, the character contrast was huge.  At
first she was very nervous about her performance, but Director Pang Shun gave her a lot of support and confidence.  Days ago when she watched the film in Tokyo for the first time, she felt that this film was the best birthday present for her this year because this film made her experience growth and breakthrough.

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