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Famous director Derek Yee Tung Sing's mother Hung Mei, originally named Law Chun, on October 12 passed away at the St. Teresa Hospital on Prince Edward Road at the age of 93.  Yee Tung Sing revealed
that at the time four generations of the family were by her side.  He stated that due to Mother's age the family has been prepared long ago.  After the news was announced, many film professionals and fans began memorial online.

Hung Mei was a famous actress during the Hong Kong Mandarin film era.  A Manchurian, her family originated from Beijing.  At age 12 she left home and started her career in Shanghai in the 40s.  In the 50s-60s in Hong Kong she participated in many Mandarin film performances like PEASANT TAKES A WIFE (SIU YI HAK GEIT FUN) and MID-NIGHTMARE (YEH BOON GOR SING).  In 1993 she received the Golden Horse Special Achievement Award.  Her sons Paul Chun Pui, John Chiang Dai Wai and Derek Yee Tung Sing are all famous Hong Kong actors and filmmakers.  Chun Pui and Chiang Dai Wai were Hung Mei and Yim Fa (originally named Chiang Hak Kei)'s sons, after Yim Fa passed away she married Yee Kwong and gave birth to Yee Tung Sing.

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