Sunday, October 16, 2011


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Carol Yeung, Law Chung Him, Rose Chan, Tong Fei
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HONG KONG GHOST STORIES (MANG GWAI OI CHING GOO SI)'s actors Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Law Chung Him and others yesterday promoted with a yacht party.  A magazine yesterday claimed that Chrissie and Avis were in a cooling period due to Him Jai's old flame Theresa Fu Wing and that they have already been apart for two months.  Yesterday she denied the break up rumor, but got teary eyed when she talked about Avis.  Chrissie even blamed Him Jai's unsuccessful relationship for dragging her down.

Chrissie said, "If he likes to be the driver so far I would gladly let him!  I thought it was a little strange, usually I would be prepared but this time I only found out from my manager, I am not used to it!"  Would she reduce points from Avis?  She replied, "Later I will have to work on a television series in the Mainland, during this period we will be able to calm down."  Then she said, "I am not talking about him, today I seemed to be possessed!"  Chrissie said with tear in her eyes.

Would she give a chance to her boyfriend?  She said, "I would, ultimately when we have been together for awhile we don't have to say so much!"  When would Chrissie resume her boyfriend's identity, she beg the media for mercy.  Did her boyfriend break her heart?  Chrissie said, "I am still in contact with my boyfriend, but we are getting along like friends." How would she be moved?  She stressed that she would not.  However, when asked whether their relationship was a closed file, she immediately stressed that the file was in progress and joked that her next case has not been opened yet.  Was she upset at Theresa?  She said that
the matter had nothing to do with Theresa, it was not an issue with who was in the car.  She said, "Only the car was so small that it would be very crammed!"  Theresa's old flame Him Jai said that he has not read the
report so he was not at liberty to respond.

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