Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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Roy Chow Wing Hung recently participated in the gospel film DUK NAM YU SEUNG OI (DRUG MAN RUNS INTO LOVE, tentative title), which yesterday held a production start ceremony at the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary.  Everyone prayed in place of the traditional roast pig cutting and shared the production highlight.  Roy revealed that in the film he would play a mob figure who is involved in every part of "sex, gambling and drugs" and even works as a night club manager.  In one scene he had to walk with sexy beauties.  Was his wife displeased?  He said that she would understand that it was just a movie, in addition he did not truly enter a night club for the shoot.

The film is based on a true story.  Roy also had a drug addiction.  He said that during the production he recalled his past.  Even the tears were real.  Roy said, "When I was little I always got into fights, I thought if I didn't become a singer I would have been just like the lead character.  During the shoot I thought why would people be so tragic and sad, like forcing himself into a dead end and could not return.  Luckily God doesn't require us to return around before forgiving us unconditionally, I am very touched and my faith is even firmer."  Roy said that during the shoot the hardest to take was smoking, he thought that smell was very hard to stand.  Even when he returned home he did not dare to hold his daughter and had to keep chewing gum to rid the taste.

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