Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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Louis Koo Tin Lok attended an event.  The leg injury that has halted his work schedule earlier has almost healed.  He will officially start making movies.  He said that comedy should be no problem.  Because his character will be a construction worker, he will have some heavy labor that he will have to careful with.  Although he will not have too many action scenes, he will have two fights with animals.  While he could not reveal what animals they will be, he believed that women would be afraid when they saw them.

Before the New Year Goo Jai had to work on two films, a Lunar New Year film and a Mainland production.  Some said that this year Hong Kong would be particularly cold.  Goo Jai said that heat pads were necessities.  "Earlier when I worked on a movie in Shangri-La, it was truly cold beyond description.  Sometimes I was waiting all night, it really was very cold."

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