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Vicki Zhao almost fell during the film festival theme song performance
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The 20th Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival Johnnie To Kei Fung exhibit opened today in Hefei.  Almost 30 film workers from Hong Kong and several hundred fans attended the opening ceremony.  ALL ABOUT AH LONG (AH LONG DIK GOO SI) was this exhibit's opening film.  After 22 years, viewers' passion remained.

Reportedly, this exhibit mainly selected three films from the end of the 80s to the early 21st century.  They were ALL ABOUT AH LONG, NEEDING YOU (GOO NAM GUA NUI) and PTU.  To Kei Fung due to work could not attend.  "However his thinking and pursuit are all absorbed into his films.  Viewers can through his films experience his thinking and ideas."  China Film Association chair Li Qiankuan said.  Li Qiankun stated at the opening ceremony that the Hong Kong Film Festival has taken place several times at the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival already and provided an exchange platform for Mainland and Hong Kong film workers.  This time the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Hong Kong Film Exhibit promoted Hong Kong film with the To Kei Fung special feature.

In addition, at the opening ceremony, the organizer presented commemorative cups to the film representatives.  Li Qiankuan said that Hong Kong film exhibit will remain a part of future Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festivals.  He hoped to promote cooperation and exchange between Mainland Hong Kong film workers through it.

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