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Director Oxide Pang Shun and two lead actresses Angelica Lee Sinjie and Charlie Yeung Choi Nei yesterday attended their new film SLEEP WALKER 3D's press conference.  The director admitted that this time the special part was no ghost as the film was purely a murder mystery.  This time was already his third collaboration with Sinjie.  Sinjie said that the biggest challenge was both were demanding.  She even hoped to have a breakthrough.  Luckily after everyone communicated she thought that the character still had a lot of potential.  With her good friend Choi Nei's support she felt very warm.

This time was Sinjie and Pang Shun's first collaboration after their marriage.  Many silver couples did not want to work together to avoid any argument that might affect their relationships, Sinjie said that she liked to work with her husband very much because they both liked films.  They could exchange like two good friends.  In addition they were highly self aware, when they reached a certain sport they knew to respect each other and would not argue.  She also said that after marriage the director although understood her even more but also asked for more from her.  He hoped to force her to do something that he has never seen.  She
said, "Once I worked until I really wanted to die, but I couldn't cry.  Thus when he said OK, I immediately started crying.  Yet I was happy because the sense of accomplishment was huge."

As for Choi Nei she said that she never saw them argue on the set.  Sinjie also said that although her husband looked relaxed but actually was very demanding.  She even broke her past record this time with 27 to 28 bad takes.  She said, "My child co-star had no more energy to say her lines.  I was very sorry, midway through I had to go out for a breather."  They said that they were at ease when they worked with Pang Shun, because they performed poorly he would not let them go.  Choi Nei also said that this time she and Sinjie had any real scene together, which she regretted.

In coordination with the film's theme, the event yesterday arranged for a dream interpretation master to interpret the director's dream.  Actually the director for over a decade had the same dream, which made him think that after he killed someone he would even hide the corpse in a bag.  The master pointed out that he only had a side that he did not want to face.  At the same time the two lead actresses drew their dream lover, Choi Nei actually drew a cat.

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