Monday, November 2, 2015


(back left) Cheng Shu Fung and his wife, Yu Mo Lin, Bonnie Wong, (front left) Chiu Wai Lam, Lee Heung Kam and Susanna Kwan
Director Alex Cheung and his wife with Chor Hung and Nam Hung
Ti Lung, Chor Yuen, Nam Hung, Lo Yuen Yan, (back second right) hair stylist Sister Wa and Candy Man
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Famous director Chor Yuen two nights ago met up with a group of his past Shaw colleagues and celebrated his 82nd birthday. Accompanied by his wife Nam Hung, he appeared to be very lively. In attendance were Ti Lung and Tao Man Ming, Arthur Wong Ngok Tai and his wife, Alex Cheung Kwok Ming and his wife, Tong Kai and Suet Nei, Candy Man Suet Yee, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), Lily Li, Ku Kuan-chung, Yuen Wah, Lo Yuen Yan and others. Everyone took the chance to catch up.

When asked how Chor Yuen was, director Cheung Kwok Ming said that Big Director Chor was smarter and more alert than him. No one needed to worry about his health. Instead his own memory was worse than his. He said that every year he was very happy to be able to meet with him and catch up. Everyone was happy to see how healthy Big Director Chor was because everyone respected him very much.

Cheung Kwok Ming revealed that actually every year Shaw alumni would meet on November 1. He only joined in recent years. He said that back then he was still a new screen writer, but he caught the eyes of Chor Yuen. Chor Yuen turned his first script into the film. Back then in Shaw, Chor Yuen was very helpful to new comers, for which he was very grateful.

As for Lee Heung Kam, her god daughter Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying clarified that Sister Kam's memory decline was not severe. At home she did not even need her wheel chair.

Earlier Sister Kam with her god daughter and Yu Mo Lin went to have tea with a group of friends. Sister Ka was very lively and had a great appetite. Her skin seemed to be baby smooth, so fans who missed Sister Kam could relax.

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