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Karena Ng reveals that boyfriend Raymond Lam visited her in her Korean set
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The Ip Man Experience yesterday opened in Ngong Ping 360. The film IP MAN 3's boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming with actors Max Zang Jin, Karena Ng Chin Yu and Chan Kwok Kwan attended the ceremony. Yesterday also would have been the late superstar of a generation Bruce Lee's 75th birthday.

Wong Pak Ming said that he originally wanted to use computer generated technology to bring the young Bruce Lee back to the silver screen, but Bruce Lee's family objected. They then invited Chan Kwok Kwan to play Bruce Lee. Chan Kwok Kwan felt that yesterday was very meaningful. He has played Bruce Lee three times yet he still did not feel repetitive because he was able to play someone he liked. He would not mind playing him for a lifetime. How was his wife Emme Wong Yi Man's pregnancy? The soon to be father said that so far his wife has not been sick and has been livelier than him. She even suggested a Christmas vacation. His wife's delivery date will be around March or April. They already knew that it will be a son. He would like a daughter so he hoped to get one sooner. He continued that he has already named his son Chan Chun (Chen Zhen). His future daughter will be Jane Chan (Chan Chun).

Chin Yu after the event rushed back to Thailand for the film production BOUNTY HUNTER. Speaking of working with Korean idol Lee Min-Ho, she said that he was very funny and loved to play video games; last month on her birthday her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung visited the set. They had dinner and cut a birthday cake together. This time Chin Yu will stay in Thailand for over a week. Will Lam Fung visit to keep her from getting too close to Lee Min-Ho? She said that Lee Min-HO has a girlfriend too.

In the Ip Man Experience visitors will be able to use mobile phone apps to pose for photos with 1 to 1 scale Ip Man and the Zhang Jin played Cheung Tin Sun. Zhang Jin said that he wanted to bring his daughters to visit because it was well worth remembering. When he was injured during the shoot, did his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun apply medicinal wine for him? Zhang Jin said that his wife of course was responsible for taking care of their daughters.

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