Tuesday, November 3, 2015


courtesy of on.cc

Busy with his new film SHED SKIN (TUET PEI BA BA), Francis Ng Chun Yu two nights ago posted a car window reflection photo in which he was bald and in mourning clothing. "My mind is made up, don't try to stop me! Amitabha!" Soon fans were surprised. Because Chun Yu was a faithful Buddhist, a lot of speculation were made. Some even suspected pabbajja for him.

Yesterday he said, "Of course not, I was just messing around! I expect everyone would react that way. Actually this look is for the character. In the new film the character would have many changes. With the skull cap all the time, I was afraid that my skin would react to the glue. For convenience I just made a bald skull cap! Yesterday with it I walked past a car and saw the reflection, I thought it was pretty cute should I took a photo to play a prank on everyone." Chun Yu said that he has thought about leaving everything behind. Years ago he has even done it. "I tried it once for several days, but I still had to shave my head, chant and all that. I god some understanding in the area!"

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