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Jacky Cheung and Karena Lam have an ambiguous relationship in THE FRENCH KISS

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Fresh out of the oven Golden Horse Best Actress Karena Lam Ka Yun earlier worked with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau on the new film THE FRENCH KISS (UM SIK TIN TONG). They worked together 13 years earlier on another teacher student romance film. At the time Ka Yun swept the Golden Horse awards with the film. Working together again, Ka Yun before the release of FRENCH has already won the Golden Horse Best Actress. No wonder her co-star Hok Yau joked that she got good luck from working with him. Playing a pastor in the film, Hok Yau fell for his subordinate Ka Yun in the film and got into legal trouble because of it.

The film is Ka Yun and her director husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai's first film collaboration. This time she even worked her claim to fame about teacher student relationship JULY RHAPSODY (NAM YUN SEI SUP) lead actor Cheung Hok Yau. Many are looking forward to their reunion after 13 years.

Ka Yun worked together on JULY RHAPSODY with Hok Yau and won the Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer. This time after working together again she won the Golden Horse Best Actress. No wonder Hok Yau joked that Ka Yun got good luck from working with him. Hok Yau originally thought that Ka Yun would have a chance to win with FRENCH, but she won the Golden Horse Best Actress before that. It was quite a surprise for him.

Hok Yau and Ka Yun in FRENCH again had an ambiguous relationship. Playing the pastor, Hok Yau was a non profit group's CEO at the same time. He and his subordinate Ka Yun became attracted to each other, but due to their identities they had difficulty with developing a relationship. Hok Yau finally gave in and kissed Ka Yun, who then sued him for sexual harassment. Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Helena Law Lan played their lawyers, and Michelle Wai Si Nga also had a part.

THE FRENCH KISS is Emperor Motion Picture invested and distributed, based on the female stage writer Candace Chong Mui Ngam's 2005 play. The story once won the Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Script and Top Ten Most Popular Programs. At the same time, Ka Yun's husband Yuen Kim Fai directed the film. Making his film directing debut, he shot many make out in the car and look exchanging scenes for Ka Yun and Hok Yau. Ka Yun's performance in the new film was outstanding and had a chance with the assistance of her husband and Hok Yau win another Best Actress award.

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