Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Aaron Yan, Wang Feifei
Patrick Tam, Mavis Pan
Dylan Kuo competes in a bicycle race
Harriet Yang chases the bicycle and falls

courtesy of mingpao.com

Dylan Kuo, Aaron Yan, Korean group miss A's Chinese member Wang Feifei, Mavis Pang Shuangshuang, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Harriet Yang Sze Man starred in the film SUEN JAK YAU HEI (SELECTION GAME), which shot a bicycle race in the public parking lot on Ma On Shan.

Aaron Yan and Wang Feifei were so close that during photos Aaron Yan had his left hand on Feifei's chest. Feifei laughed and pointed at him and they laughed as Aaron Yan looked a little awkward. Then they kept on joking and laughing. Aaron Yan even held her hand. Dylan Kuo showed off his chest in a tight cyclist suit. The crew even spray him with water to make him look more like being in a race.

Pan Shuangshuang played photographer for everyone and appeared excited. Bob Lam Sing Bun played the host. Before taking his mark he chatted and laughed with Vivian Law Choi Ling and other sexy cheerleaders.

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