Thursday, November 26, 2015


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Alex Fong Lik Sun and Stephy Tang Lai Yun for their film ANNIVERSARY (GEI LIM YUT) sang its theme song together. The last time was six years ago. Earlier they worked on the music video, in which after ten years of marriage they got into an accident during an argument. After escaping from the car they kept looking for each other and recalling their past.

They coordinated with the explosion scene and the one take production. From rehearsal to the official shoot they took their marks 30 times. Fong Lik Sun said that at first he thought the explosion would be added in post production. He did not expect all the smoke at the scene. They almost could not breathe. Their facial expressions were all real. After the music video shoot, they were all covered in ash and the insides of their noses were all black.

In the music video, Fong Lik Sun gave Tang Lai Yun a big diamond ring to propose. Tang Lai Yun said that with too many people on the set and since they were making a music video she did not feel anything. She has fantasized about the proposal before, but as she grew older she no longer had any longing. The size of the ring was not as important as the sincerity. Music video ended with her dumping Fong Lik Sun in a break up. They told everyone to learn to cherish, as nothing was certain.

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