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Mike Tyson prepares for his scene
Leung Ka Yan trades blows with a masked Max Zhang
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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Max Zhang Jin and Mike Tyson starred new film IP MAN 3 earlier unveiled its production video, which had many scenes from Yen Chi Tan, Zhang Jin, and Tyson's rehearsals under the guidance of Yuen Woo Ping. Yen Chi Tan's Wing Chun and Tyson's boxing duel was one of the new film's focus. They before the duel discussed the attacks and the dodges, but during the actual shoot the danger still existed. Tyson threw three heavy hooks as Chi Tan dodged them with agility. However behind the camera he was still nervous. "Wow! I almost got KO! Luckily I dodged quick."

Chi Tan said that one of Tyson's punches measured in hundreds of pounds, which gave me a lot of pressure as he worried that if he lost focus he would be knocked out. Working on his first action film, Tyson praised Chi Tan and action director Yuen Woo Ping. He said, "Often he takes the lead, I try to learn from him or listen to his advice. They guide me in what I do, I listen to their direction and interpret what he asks for."

Chi Tan and the director kept studying how to add in new elements, finally they invited Yuen Woo Ping to be the action director and design action sequences for the new film. Chi Tan was very excited. "We hope to make something new for the audience. Yuen Woo Ping is my sifu, I believe that his action designs leave no room for suspicion. They definitely exceed quality."

Zhang Jin who fought with Chi Tan in the new film joined the IP MAN team for the first time. He said that he put more effort into the action scenes to be able to fulfill the director's demands.

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