Thursday, November 19, 2015


Dominic Ho
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Michelle Wai tries archery with her boyfriend and says it is harder than she has imagined
Rose Chan
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Michelle Wai Si Nga, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Dominic Ho Ho Man two nights ago attended the new film THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 premiere in Mongkok. Emperor group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing and his wife, Emperor Motion Picture chief Albert Lee attended the toast ceremony.

Michelle said that the film inspired her to learn archery. She said that her boyfriend practiced with her. "It's harder than I have imagined, the bow and arrow alone were already 30 pounds." Michelle said that her boyfriend was a trainer. "I save some money, but I would whine to him. He doesn't accept it, he even forces me to running uphill. After 1,000 stairs I was hurting for a week!"

Chan Ka Wun lately has been busy with the Louis Koo Tin Lok and Francis Ng Chun Yu starred new film, in which she played a sales clerk. Did she regret that she got to work with Goo Jai but had no romantic scene? She revealed that she already worked with Goo Jai on her first film. "I played (Sean) Lau Ching Wan's secretary in my first film and had a scene with Goo Jai."

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