Friday, November 20, 2015


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Ruco Chan earlier wins Best Actor with CAPTAIN OF DESTINY in Singapore
Tong Chun Yip is nominated for Best Actor with LORD OF SHANGHAI after years away
LORD OF SHANGHAI's Anthony Wong and Wayne Lai compete for Best Actor
Louis Cheung, Tony Hung, Johnson Lee, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu and Wayne Lai compete for Best Actor
Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu are praised for their work in GHOST OF RELATIVITY and are Best Actress favorites
The Ron Ng and Myolie Wu starred series LADY SOUR is nominated for Best Series, Myolie Wu is also nominated for Best Actress with EVERY STEP YOU TAKE
Elaine Yiu and Mandy Wong are happy that sisters Myolie Wu and Nancy Wu are nominated for Best Actress
Sisley Choi is nominated for Best Actress with YOUNG CHARIOTEERS, but Sarah Song says, "Wow, you are nominated for Best Actress as soon as you graduated."
Sarah Song
Jacqueline Wong is nominated for Most Popular Television Female Character, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Female Artist and Best Program Host
Grace Chan does not have much confidence in winning Best Actress as she hopes to win Most Improved Female Artist
Edwin Siu shows off the sneakers his girlfriend Priscilla  Wong bought for him in Paris
Fred Cheng has 3 Series Song nominations, second only to Edwin Siu
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Grace Chan, Mandy Wong (second right), Eliza Sam (right) and others compete for Best Actress

Tony Hung jokes that he only has 0.1% chance of winning 
Jacqueline Wong is surprised to receive four nominations
Jinny Ng, Carol Cheng, Hubert Wu, Alfred Hui
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TVB ANNIVERSARY AWARDS 2015 yesterday held a press conference to announce its nominations, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Tony Hung Wing Sing, Edwin Siu Jing Nam, Vincent Wong Ho Shun, Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Alice Chan Wai, Mandy Wong Chi Man, Grace Chan Hoi Lam, Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing and others attended. This time TVB drastically increased its nominations in each categories for even more artists to participate. This year a new award, "The Most Popular Classic Series" has been added for viewers to vote on.

Hung Wing Sing and Wong Sum Wing received the most nominations with four each. Hung Wing Sing was nominated for Best Actor, Most Popular Television Male Character, Most Improved Male Artist and Best Program Host. He said that he would like to win Most Improved Male Artist the most. If he would have the chance to give a speech on the stage, he would thank Natalie Tong Sze Wing for her assistance in everything and her understanding for not having time to be with her. As for his Best Actor chances, he joked that he only had 0.1%. Hung Wing Sing even campaigned for his once rumored rival Ruco Chan Jin Pang. "I support my brother Chan Jin Pang."

Nominated for Most Improved Female Artist for the second time, Wong Sum Wing hoped to win the award. She said, "Earlier I was only notified over text about one nomination, this is truly a pleasant surprise." Artists with three nominations included Chan Hoi Lam, Wong Ho Shun, Siu Jing Nam, Chan Jing Pang and others. Best Actor and Best Actress favorites Wayen Lai Yiu Cheung, Moses Chan Ho, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and Kristal Tin Yui Nei, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Tavia Yeung Yi and others had two key nominations. Three time Best Actor Lai Yiu Cheung humbly said every year that he had no confidence. He hoped the audience would "betray their conscience" and vote for his LORD OF SHANGHAI (HIU HUNG) villain Kung Siu Shan.

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