Tuesday, November 3, 2015


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Lisa Chong Si Ming and Alan Wan Ka Wai two nights ago promoted the film BIG FORTUNE HOTEL (GUT CHEUNG JAU DIM). Speaking of her sister Jacquelin Chong Si Ming's earlier illness due to possible possession, Chong Si Ming revealed that every time she worked on a movie or a television series she would become ill for no reason early on. She admitted that it was very curious. When asked if she was pregnant, Chong Si Ming said, "Don't scare me! Probably not! (Did you give her a pregnant test to test?) She is very careful. (Are you preparing herbal decoction for her?) I tried, but I might as well ask her to do it for me." Has she seen any "future brother in law" choices? Chong Si Ming said that her sister was very demanding. "I have seen her friends, but at most they would appear once or twice only. I have told her not to be so demanding, but she was very focused on communicating ideas." Speaking of her father's Hong Kong doctor visit, Chong Si Ming said that it was an ordinary physical examination and family visit.

Wan Ka Wai revealed that he still had a year and a half left on his TVB artist contract. Both he and his manager were signed to a film company, TVB will have first choice.

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