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The 27th would have been the late international martial art action superstar Bruce Lee's 75th birthday. Hong Kong Radio turned his four classic films THE BIG BOSS, FIST OF FURY, WAY OF THE DRAGON, and GAME OF DEATH into audio description films. Yesterday it held the RTHK DAB + AUDIO ART: SALUTE TO BRUCE LEE MOVIES SERIES, Wu Fung, Endy Chow Kwok Yin, Sheldon Lo (Law Hau Yung) and others saluted this superstar of a generation. Brother Sau even took a detailed look at Bruce Lee's mask from THE GREEN HORNET.

Brother Sau in 1956 worked with Bruce Lee on the black and white film SWEET TIME TOGETHER (JA DIN NAP FUK). He remembered that Bruce Lee was only a teenager. They only played comedy and he had no action scene. However later when Bruce Lee returned from the U.S., Brother sau kept taking him to watch action and boxing films. He was pleased with none of them. He even said to Brother Sau, "If I come back to make a movie, I will be the most famous and the highest paid." Thus Bruce Lee in the eyes of Brother Sau was still full of self confidence.

Back then Bruce Lee often asked Brother Sau to hit him, but Brother Sau did not dare as he was afraid of injuring him. He said, "Once before I even moved, he already knew I wanted to hit him. As soon as I moved, he already moved faster than me to my lower body and could attack me however he wanted." The media asked whether he took Bruce Lee to meet girls. He joked, "Meeting girls is easy, but not what you have in mind."

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