Thursday, November 19, 2015


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Nancy Sit, Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung attend six events without any sign of exhaustion
Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh joke around to heat up the atmosphere
Some Guangzhou fans attend all six events to meet their idols
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Nancy Sit Ka Yin is promoting their new film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG). After their Beijing stop, they earlier went to Guangzhou and attended six events to meet with viewers.

Due to their rare appearance, viewers jammed into the venue. Some loyal fans even followed their idols to all six events. Viewers welcomed the actors at every stop. Chilam and others posed for photos with viewers and presented posters to thank everyone for their support. They took advantage of their time and went to six meetings, but at the fifth stop they had an elevator mishap.

After Chilam left the elevator, the doors sudden closed. Ah Sheh, Ka Yin and several workers were trapped inside. Luckily the workers were able to open the doors in a few minutes. Ka Yin calmly escaped and even revealed that Ah Sheh had to have candy to keep her cool. She said, "Before when we were stuck in the elevator, Ah Sheh told the workers she didn't feel well and needed candy. Later everyone just pulled open the doors to come back out. I helped and even crushed my finger." After Ah Sheh settled down everyone continued on their schedule. A viewer asked Ah Sheh if she had any scene that made her want to cry? Chilam said Ah Sheh was still shaken and answered for her. "When it was really late but we still couldn't finish our jobs, then we want to cry the most."

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