Friday, November 27, 2015


Aaron Kwok and the program host take a selfie
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI)'s director Philip Yung Chi Kwong appeared on the cable program Film Montage. In it Sing Sing played a veteran cop. The director said that Sing Sing had to the lead actor. He said that this character was made ugly and did not fit in the environment. However he maintained his sincere eyes. In the Chinese film industry only Kwok Fu Sing would be able to play it.

Sing Sing said that this character's costume was a breakthrough. The audience has never seen him like this. After makeup few would recognize him, some even mistook Patrick Tam Yiu Man for him. Michael Ning (Bak Ji) with the film won the Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor. Sing Sing said that he had what it took to be a good actor. He was very smart, very quickly he was able to accommodate the director's demands. He also revealed that he had interest in directing. When actors reached a certain level they would stop and think. If he reaches this stage then he would direct. For now he did not want to distract himself. First he had to learn more from directors.

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