Sunday, November 29, 2015

[2015.11.29] IVANA WONG WEDS

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Wyman Wong jokingly calls Hins Cheung and Eric So Ivana's "fake" and "real" husbands

Mother and Father Wong are reluctant to part with their daughter
Ivana Wong's friends Joey Yung, Hins Cheung and Wyman Wong 

Ivana Wong's GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS co-star Sandra Ng comes to witness the wedding
Miriam Yeung brings her son Torres
Wong Cho Lam congratulates the new couple despite his busy work schedule

Ivana Wong puts her pre marital feelings into words
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Signing their marriage certificate
Showing off the rings
The new couple plays music together
Mother Wong writes a poem for the new couple
Hins Cheung and Eric So, "fake and real husbands", kiss the bride

Hins Cheung pretends to be "heart broken" and "cries" on Joey Yung's shoulder
the new couple with Sandra Ng and Joey Yung
The red string on the ring
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