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Bruce Lee super fan Donnie Yen takes time off to attend
Donnie Yen, Hubolt chief Ricardo Guadalupe, Bruce Lee's widow Linda and daughter Shannon
The breaking glass display case features Bruce Lee films
Carl Ng
Rose Chan
The seven day exhibit brings in Bruce Lee fans everywhere
Ankie Beilke wants to find a "Bruce Lee" boyfriend
Andy Tien tries on the Bruce Lee trademark gesture
Hubolt releases a limited edition watch to raise fund of charity
THE GREEN HORNET Kato mask mold
The Chinese suit Bruce Lee wore for his training
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This year would have been the kung fu superstar of a generation Bruce Lee's 75th birthday. The Bruce Lee Foundation last night held an unveiling ceremony for the Bruce Lee's 75th birthday limited edition watch. Bruce Lee's widow Linda and daughter Shannon came from Los Angeles to attend. Other guests included Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Carl Ng Ka Lung and others. On the stage, Shannon Lee said that although her father has passed away for a long time, she still missed him everyday. She also thanked everyone for their love for her father, especially in establishing the Bruce Lee foundation. Currently working on a STAR WARS film in England, Yen Chi Tan revealed that he took time off to return to Hong Kong. The director even asked Chi Tan to thank him in front of the media more. Tomorrow Chi Tan will head to the Maldives and England to continue the location shoots. The shoot will take over four months. He also said that no matter men and women they all liked Bruce Lee because he represented the culture of strength. He even said that he was deeply under Bruce Lee's influence. Since childhood he already wanted to be the second Bruce Lee. When he was 12 or 13 he often impersonated Bruce Lee. He went to Chinatown to buy a Chinese suit and even turned a broom into a pair of home made nunchukus to put in his socks. Even when someone "picked a fight" he still could "scare them off". Did he know Bruce Lee's family? He said that over a decade ago he and Shannon Lee posed for photos in Los Angeles for a magazine. He was very happy to run into her again this time.

On Chi Kit first knew about Jackie Chan before Bruce Lee, but he admired his kung fu. Speaking of his wife Jessica C.'s pregnancy, he said that his wife will soon go to the U.S. for the birth. After he finishes his film he will fly there to join her, but he did not want to reveal the sex of the baby.

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