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Christine Ng kisses Alan Tam on behalf of Anita Yuen
Jaime Chik jokes that she is fighting for bed scenes with her idol
Alan Tam has all the luck in the film.  He even jokes about working out his glutes
Babyjohn Choi plays a couple with Jacky Cai
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The film GONG WU HEI KET (MOB COMEDY) yesterday held its production start ceremony. Attendees included Alan Tam Wing Lun, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Jaime Chik Mei Chun, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik, Jacky Cai Jie and new comer Hedwig Tam Sin Yin. Aftre awhile away from film, Principal says that in the film he played a "custard tart" godfather who only loved singing and not being the "boss". Lady Ng played the "Big Sister of the mob" who destroyed the relationship between him and his on screen wife Chik Mei Chun for the chance to take over.

Principal joked that he felt like he has betrayed "Sam Gor" Michael Miu Kiu Wai, but Sam Soh joked that her eyes lit up when she heard her idol's name. She even fought for bed scenes, intimate scenes and bikini scenes because she has never wore one on screen. However Principal interfered secretly, gave all the daring scenes to Lady Ng and disrespected her. Did Sam Gor object? Sam Soh said that she did not know, Principal probably objected in secret. Did he have to clear all intimate scenes with his wife? Principal says, "Do I need to? Work is still work."

Lady Ng said that she was applying for a intimate scene with Principal in the jacuzzi; she joked that she was willing to make the sacrifice and wear less. Principal asked her if she would wear a thong. Lady Ng asked, "You or me? I don't mind. Principal you can wear a transparent one." Principal jokes that he might as well put on a rubber band. Will he bare his back? Principal said, "I will wear pants with an elastic waist band for the performance." Lady Ng kept laughing during the table read, she even forgot if she had a husband. She also said that she and Principal will not only see each other in the buff in the jacuzzi but she also had a custard tart seduction scene with Principal. The dialogue would be category III dirty more than real category III performance. Later Lady Ng pretended to kiss Alan and said that one of the kisses was from Alan's fan Anita Yuen Wing Yi.

Making movies again after so many years, would Principal worry about the box office? He said that the boss would worry about that. The boss was willing to take the risk and not set a bottom line. This genre could break out of Hong Kong at any time.

In addition, Principal earlier won the triple trio. Sam Soh revealed that she heard he won over ten millions. Principal said that he only bet 10 bucks and won over 30,000. Since ten people chipped in, including the consolation prize they got over 40,000. Each person only got several thousand. Speaking of Sisley Choi Si Bui's falsifying education record on her Miss Hong Kong application, Principal said that he did not know. He joked that he only resembled an educator and no one should mistake him for a real principal. Would he help his son choose a school? Principal responded with "thank you".

Babyjohn in the film not only played a couple with Cai Jei but also had emotional scenes with Chik Mei Chun and Ng Wing Mei. Babyjon even said that he was happy to be able to work with elder Tam Wing Lun. He joked, "Originally I really want to have emotional scenes with Principal, I don't mind 'hehe'! I don't mind wearing a thong either. Actually I really like to listen to Principal's songs. I can even sit there to listen to him sing for an additional scene!"

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