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In the film BODIES AT REST (CHUM MUK DIK JING YUN), multiple time Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Cha) fought from the beginning to the end. The story only took place in a Kwai Chung morgue, where a bloody and violent slaughter ensued. Ka Fai said that before the shoot the team made ample preparation, as many action scenes would be properly prepared before hand. However when they truly shot the scene, often inspiration would strike on the set. Perhaps then they would discuss with the director which stun could be more thrilling and rich. Ka Fai said, "Our scenes were very concentrated, and we had few characters. Anything the team had to worry about would be arranged before hand. Even though the entire film had a lot of action scenes, with a lot of hard to control and uncertain elements, but in the end the team was able to ensure everyone a safe production environment."

Meeting again after over 15 years, Siu Chai said, "This film aside from action and visual stimulation, Ka Fai and I kept attacking each other's weakness. We in a short time also got to know each other and our dark sides. Rehearsing with Ka Fai was super pleasant. The tension and the conflict between them was very strong and the shoot was a lot of fun. In the film we outnumbered him, as the three of us thugs took turn to beat up Ka Fai. I wasn't getting hit, but seeing Ka Fai I too felt how rough he had it, because he truly kept taking a beating. He absolutely took it 'hard core'."

Siu Chai's portrayal of a crook this time was not easy at all. He thought that facing two mild mannered people would be a piece of cake, but in many scenes he had to take brutal beatings from them. In one scene, Ka Fai strangled him from behind and kept hitting him. He was unable to move at all. Then lead actor Yang Zi kept smashing a chair on Siu Chai. Siu Chai joked that this scene finally made him feel the retribution. Because earlier the three thugs picked on the two mild mannered people for too long, finally the helpless learned how to fight back and be even more vicious and smarter against him.

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