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The film LITTLE Q (SIU Q) will open on August 15th in Hong Kong. In order for even more people of different ages and classes to learn the message of "harmony between human and dog" that this film wanted to bring out and truly understand the job of a guide dog, Law Chung Him who played a guide dog trainer in the film earlier with literary youth goddess Angela Yuen Lai Lam and the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association brought two guide dogs in training to meet 200 second grade elementary school students at an elementary school. The children were able to come in close contact with and learn about the job of a guide dog. At the same time through interacting with the dogs they shared the message that the film stressed: "acceptance", "tolerance" and "love". Because for most children on hand it was their first counter with guide dogs, they were particularly excited and curious.

With the guide dog trainer and two actors' detailed explanations, the students enthusiastically asked questions. A student even broke through the "blind spot" and asked how the dog relieved itself while on the job. With two months of Guide Dog Association training before the production of LITTLE Q, Him Jai attentively demonstrated and answered questions for the children.

After the event, Law Chung Him and Yuen Lai Lam spoke to the press and mentioned their experience of returning to an elementary school after so many years. Both agreed that their childhood memories rushed back to them! Yuen Lai Lam saw how smart and energetic each of the new generation of children were. At first she thought that they would only have their minds on chatting. She did not expect that the students would listen to the explanations attentively during the process and even ask question seriously. Him Jai said, "Today is the last day of school for the students before summer vacation, in addition they are able to meet guide dogs, so their emotions run especially high. Actually which child isn't active? Their smiles are very therapeutic for me."

Recalling childhood misbehavior, Him Jai revealed that his school cited him on a second level demerit. "I remember while in class I left the classroom with other classmates on our own and hid in the bathroom. With cleaning powder and mops all over the place, the school cited me on a second level demerit."

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