Wednesday, July 31, 2019


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Johnnie To celebrates Sammi Cheng's birthday in advance
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The Ann Hui On Wa produced Hong Kong film FAGARA (FA JU JI MEI) will open simultaneously in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The film earlier held industry screenings and the audience response was great. Many viewers were moved to tears. The film was the only domestic film that was selected to be a part of the Summer International Film Festival. Last week when tickets went on sale for the August 19th screening it was sold out in a hour.

In the film lead actress Sammi Cheng Sau Man appeared without make up and had to get her hands dirty at the hot pot shop. With her emotionally rich performance, she touched many viewers deeply. Sammi said that, "Earlier I read the novel and the story made a very deep impression. I have always hoped to be able to make a character like the one in the film. The lead absolutely is suppressing her feelings. Her childhood experience left her with a very deep misunderstanding of her father. Thus she always kept a certain distance from her father." Because she also had to suppress her emotion to play this character, she had to force herself to be very busy so she would not be able to settle down to release her emotions and to blur her own senses. Sammi in the film needed that type of "hiding her father's importance to her with hate" to bring the character to life, which also had certain difficulty.

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