Friday, July 19, 2019


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The late international martial art superstar Bruce Lee passed away 46 years ago today. His Kowloon Tong residence after years of dispute finally would be demolished. The Bruce Lee Club yesterday issued a worldwide Bruce Lee fan signature drive to urge everyone to support and cherish Bruce Lee's unique culture.

As a Bruce Lee fan, Stephen Au Kam Tong yesterday afternoon with Bruce Lee club president Wong Yiu Keung attended the Preserve Bruce Lee's residence for Hong Kong press conference. Au Kam Tong said that the demolition of Bruce Lee's residence has caught the attention of Bruce Lee fans worldwide. A Chinese fan from New York contacted him and expressed the pain for Bruce Lee fans. He hoped to be able to do something to preserve his idol's home.

Wong Yiu Keung said that the Bruce Lee residence was being demolished. He has already written to related authorities to ask for assistance to stop the demolition and preserve the building for reconstruction. "Bruce Lee brought glory to Hong Kong. His residence could be a tourist destination for fans who visit Hong Kong from around the world. It would be an unique landmark."

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