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In the film BODIES AT REST (CHUM MUK DIK JING YUN), Carlos Chan Ka Lok played Siu Chai's subordinate along with Mainland actor Feng Jiayi. He was the youngest, the most impulsive and careless of the trio. Having never played a villain, he felt that this production was very fresh. "Working with a Hollywood director for the first time, I was able to learn a lot of action technique, how to appear even more powerful on camera. In addition I also learned how to express evil in the action."

Ka Lok continued, "However when I first took the role I worried. I knew I had to play a villain, which I have never played before. I was also worried that I had to communicate with the director in English and the film had Putonghua. I had two languages and three dialects all at once. However during the shoot most of the time I wore a mask, I discovered after putting on the mask actually I could be even wilder. It had an effect of giving more courage, which made me brave enough to give the evilest performance. This time I could try to perform this type of wildness and play a villain that could at any moment seemingly has the chance of losing control and killing someone by accident. Actually it was pretty fun." Chan Ka Lok in the film kept going crazy with a gun in his hand, which gave people chills as he kept pointing his gun at Ka Fai and Yang Zi. Ka Lok truly was lucky. Unfortunately in movie Brother Ka Fai would constantly hit people, but this time he got to be the one that kept looking for guns to point at Ka Fai and threaten him.

However villains would always get what was coming to them, even if they might not lose their lives. In the film a rather unique machine was provided for Ka Lok. In the film he seemed to be strangled by a corpse transport device in mid air. Ka Lok said that the team was already fully prepared so he was not worried. However the entire process in the end took over a hour. He basically had to hang in the air. Thus after the shoot his neck did not hurt but his feet were somewhat numb.

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