Friday, August 2, 2019


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Yao Lee's daughter and son in law
Paula Tsui
Rebecca Pan
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The original performer of the classic hit ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU Yao Lee (originally named Yao Sau Wan), known as the "silver voice", passed away last month at age 96. Her family yesterday held Christian services at the Hong Kong Methodist Church. After the ceremony her remains was transported to Cape Collinson for cremation.

Many music master class elders like Ching Shan, Grace Chang (Got Lan), Tsin Ting, Tsui Ping, Chin Han, Ivy Ling Po all sent floral arrangements to remember the song queen of a generation. Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Rebecca Pan (Poon Dik Wa), Kam Kwok Leung and Mok Yuk Chau personally bid their elder a final farewell. Reportedly the family made the viewing available to relatives and friends. When Tsui Siu Fung saw her late friend's peaceful repose she reluctantly shed tears. When she left she chose to leave quietly through the side door.

Poon Dik Wa with the help of a friend left slowly with a cane. She said that she really admired elder Yao Lee. "I have sung her ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU's English version, it truly is a classic song. I feel very proud, because only a few Chinese pop songs can break into the U.S. pop chart. This was one of them. The singing careers we developed started in 1950s. I hope the young generation of singers will work hard for Chinese pop songs too."

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