Monday, August 19, 2019


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Taiwan actor Tsao Yu-Ning and former Hey Girl member Esther Huang starred in the horror film BINDING SOUL (BONG LING). New comer Tsao Yu-Ning said that the performance had a certain degree of difficulty. "The film had many emotional upheaval and internal scenes." When he got to the set and saw an abandoned school and dormitory with the eerie and terrifying props and lighting, he could not help but say to himself, "I am really making a ghost film!"

Esther played two characters, a rebellious but sexy student and a mild mannered teacher. She admitted, "The two characters have huge personality differences, which make the performance difficult." However the true test was when she first got the horror film script. The more she read it the more afraid she became. Since she was afraid of running into anything supernatural, she carried the Bible around.

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