Friday, August 9, 2019


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Michelle Wai Sze Nga earlier worked on the horror film WALK WITH YOU (SEUNG WON) in Malaysia, during which she visited one of "Kuala Lumpur's top three haunted houses". She said that the mansion was so haunted that the team arranged for a local exorcist to be on the set. "Because the second floor was the most haunted, the entire floor was sealed off. We only used the roof and third floor for the shoot. The team even arranged for a real exorcist to perform on camera. If anything would happen the exorcist would be able to help us."

She even said that a doll that she worked with was rather cursed, as she did not expect herself to insist on bringing it back to Hong Kong. "Originally I was rather reluctant to the doll, but suddenly I wanted to bring it home. I even thought of where to put it. The crew and the master felt something wasn't right. In the end the master put a hex on the doll!"

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