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Simon Yam Tat Wa and Charlie Yeung Choi Nei earlier accepted a Hong Kong Open Television program interview and shared their experience from working with a doggie in LITTLE Q (SIU Q). In the film Brother Wa shut himself off after losing his sight. He said that the character's personality was the exact opposite of his in reality. "I have always been very positive. If I fall I would ask myself why then resolve the problem on my own! Of course sometimes talking with friends is very important. As long as there s love, anything can be resolved in the world!"

Brother Wa and guide dog Pudding built a deep relationship due to the film, but at the same time he also set his 48 bad take record. Brother Wa said, "I broke my lifetime record! Because we would always be accommodating machines and doggies. They don't know where the cameras are and where their marks are! However it is still an animal, for next year's Hong Kong Film Awards I feel it should be Best Actress!" Charlie also agreed and said that she would nominated the doggie for Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress next year.

Charlie not only enjoyed on screen performance bu also directed. When asked if she would direct again and work with Brother Wa, why subject would Charlie make? She said, "Sometimes I hear everyone ask Brother Wa what other character he would like to play. I think he truly has played too many characters, but I always feel Brother Wa is someone who can live outdoors. He is a survivor! For example I would suddenly put him on a deserted island. He then would use various ways to struggle to survive. I believe if this type of subject stars Brother Wa, it probably would be very entertaining!"

Charlie also said that she hoped to be able to make more movies, but now she still would need more time to take care of her babies. When asked which came first between her husband, her sons and her dogs, Charlie said, "Don't force me to put them in order! In my heart they are all the same, because they are family I can't lose any of them!"

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