Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Cecilia So

Angela Yuen
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Stephy Tang
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The Sammi Cheng Sau Man starred film FAGARA (FA JIU JI MEI) was the only local representative at the Hong Kong International Summer Film Festival. Earlier a special screening was held with many supporters from the industry in attendance.

After watching the film, guests shared their experience. Stephy Tang Lai Yun said, "Very moving, the movie touched my heart. There hasn't been a movie that is etched into the heart like this in a long time. I have to recommend it to everyone, a movie with a lot of love." Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung said, "For anyone with a lot of unresolved knots with those around them, the movie is very helpful to undoing those knots. The most important is to be together with family." Cecilia So Lai Shan said, "The movie has a lot of places that people can relate to, funny parts, moving parts, the movie definitely would be able to affect the audience." Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen stated that she cried. "I almost died from crying! I am very happy that Hong Kong has this movie that is able to reach how many people feel. All the actors are great, and the director has great skills. I have to watch it again and again." Emily Kwan Bo Wai was also deeply touched. "Anyone would be very touched from watching, it is an invaluable movie." Jennifer Yu Heung Yi after watching really wanted to say, "I really want to say sorry to Mama and have to cherish the present." MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK)'s director Sunny Chan Wing Sun felt, "The most touching sisterhood film in recent years. The ending makes people teary eyed. Sammi this year will have a nomination!"

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