Sunday, August 4, 2019


Linda Wong and Sukie Shek
Host Kayee Tam
Wu Fung is by Donald Cheung's side the whole time
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Sukie Shek Wing Lei, Linda Wong Hing Ping and Donald Cheung Wai Man two nights ago appeared at Television City for the taping of the Wu Fung, Fred Cheng Chun Won and Kayee Tam's program CANTOPOP AT 50. Wong Hing Ping's father Jimmy Wang Yu would receive this year's Golden Horse Lifetime Achievement Award. Wong Hing Ping revealed that Papa was very happy to receive this recognition. As for director Wong Jing criticizing her father, Wong Hing Ping said that her father did not check social media so he had no idea.

Speaking of her father Wang Yu as this year's Golden Horse Award Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, she revealed that Papa was very happy because the Golden Horse Award was a major award in the Chinese region as well as a recognition of his achievements. Would Papa accept the award in person? She said, "I would discuss the arrangements with my sister and the event and the format of the appearance. Papa is very vain, if he isn't at his best he wouldn't see others. As a daughter I have to protect his heroic image." As for director Wong Jing's criticism of her father, she said, "Papa doesn't know. He doesn't check social media, but I know that he took it down very quickly already. I don't need to say anything." Just returning from Taipei to Hong Kong she pointed out that Papa stayed at the hospital. In the past four years she was already used to commuting between Taipei and Hong Kong to take care of Papa, almost once every month.

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