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Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Richard Ng Yiu Hon worked on Malaysian director Lee Yung Cheung's horror film WALK WITH ME (SEUNG WON). For the horror atmosphere, the film was shot on location at one of the most haunted house there. Wai Sze Nga said that the shoot ran into many supernatural events. "I worked for more than half a month at the haunted house, the more we shot the more something felt wrong. Stuff would fall in the middle of the shoot, shadows could be seen at the corner of the eye. In several scenes an actor had to play being possessed. We were very scared. The director was afraid that something would happen. During the shoot a master followed us around. The master saw that I was getting more and more scared, so he gave me a charm."

However, Lam Tak Shun was afraid of Sze Nga instead. In the film they had an underwater fight scene that took 7 hours. "I knew Sze Nga was very focused on her acting, but she was also very clumsy. I was afraid that she would hurt or kill me by accident. Luckily underwater she had a lot more to keep in mind, so she was not as focused and I was more at ease."

Ng Yiu Hon scared himself. His character was often drunk and hit his daughter Sze Nga. "In one scene I had to be very vicious as I strangled her, the director told me that this scene did not need to be rehearsed. The feeling after any rehearsal would be different. During the shoot I didn't just frightened Sze Nga to tears but also scared myself with how violent I could be!"

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