Sunday, August 11, 2019


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Carlos Chan, Angie Shum, Keeva Mak and Poon Siu Chung
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Keeva Mak Ka Yu and Angie Shum Yat Ka two nights ago attended the 11th anniversary celebration of the Poon Siu Chung supernatural program.

Chan Ka Lok and Mak Ka Yu met on the set of the Poon Siu Chung produced film BINDING SOUL (BONG LING). Chan Ka Lok said that once when promoting in Malaysia he ran into something supernatural at the hotel. He said, "That day I was very tired and the schedule was jam packed. The door in my room couldn't open, so I went to sleep at a colleague's room for 30 minutes. Suddenly I felt something pressing down at the tail of the bed then slowly crawling up. Finally a child's voice screamed into my ear 'Get up!" I was completely scared awoke."

Mak Ka Yu said when the film shot in Thailand, "I remember because I had to get up early for work, the night before I tried to rest. I couldn't sleep with the light open, but the closet door in the room kept opening and closing. In the end the light also kept opening and closing. I got up six or seven times but I couldn't fix the closet door. Finally I slammed the door and yelled, 'Stop playing'. Then everything was fine. My friend said that maybe I scared it away. Now thinking back I am still shaken." Would she not make another ghost film again? Mak Ka Yu admitted that she would keep challenging herself.

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