Thursday, May 4, 2023


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Wan Kwong would perform a concert on the 11th at the Cultural Center. Yesterday Wan Kwong, Maggie Chang (Ma Gei) and Harriet Yeung Sze Man (Shrimp Head) rehearsed for the concert and celebrated the sold out concert with champagne.

Shrimp Head at the Hong Kong Film Awards lost Best Supporting Actress as the favorite to Ivana Wong Yuen Chi. She graciously expressed at the celebration that she was not disappointed, but later on IG she reposted a supporter's story of "losing to Wong Yuen Chi was the most baffling". She was immediately criticized for being two faced. Shrimp Head clarified the misunderstanding. She said that she attended her first Hong Kong Film Awards. After the show she received a massive amount of support and texts, which made her feel very emotional and happy. So she randomly reposted supporters' stories. She admitted that she was truly careless and did not clearly watch the content. "Since it involved other people, indeed it would have an effect. It was due to my negligence to create the misunderstanding." Thus Shrimp Head called Wong Yuen Chi, who was working in the U.S., to explain. "She also was clear that this was a misunderstanding, she knew that I didn't think like this inside. We even encouraged everyone to perform well in the future." Has this time affected their friendship? Shrimp Head said, "No, later I would support her exhibit. I feel actually being criticized by others is good for me. I have been thinking about this, I feel a responsible person would change if she has not done good enough. Many friends support me with their hearts and encourage me to make myself even better!"

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