Saturday, May 20, 2023


Angela Yuen and Stephen Fung attend the Hong Kong Night at the Cannes Film Festival
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Stephen Fung Tak Lun as a producer, a director and an actor attended two days of forums and shared exchanges about the unique perspective of Hong Kong film along with actor Angela Yuen Lai Lam, new director Cheuk Yik Him and others.

Stephen has always supported Hong Kong film. This time he attended in hopes of being able to do something for the Hong Kong film industry. Stephen said, "I am very honored, very happy that the Hong Kong Film Development Council and Create Hong Kong invited me to attend this forum and Hong Kong Night. I am very happy to have a in depth exchange with new directors and new actors, and shared with everyone my film industry experience. I hope in the future I would be able to work with some more Hong Kong new directors."

During the pandemic, Stephen reduced exchanges with overseas filmmakers. With this trip to the Cannes Film Festival, he was also happy to meet overseas filmmakers. He said, "With the Cannes Film festival is also the opportunity to have contact with foreign filmmakers and film companies. Because of the pandemic I haven't been here in a very long time, and this has been a very fun process."

As the first forum, Stephen and Yuen Lai Lam shared the stage. He at first did not know her, so he did his "homework" on his flight to Cannes and watched Angela's movie to get to know her. Stephen said, "Because I didn't know Angela before, on the flight I watched her performance in THE NARROW ROAD (JAK LO MEI CHUN) and thought that she performed very well. In the future she definitely would be a good and successful actor."

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