Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Michelle Wai thoroughly suffer at the hands of Wong Yau Nam's character
courtesy of on.cc

Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Wong Yau Nam starred in the film TALES FROM THE OCCULT: BODY AND SOUL (SUT HUNG HUNG GAN ji JUI YU SAT)'s segment RAPUNZEL (TAU FAT). With her beautiful hair, Wai Sze Nga played a girl group member who was being stalked by the deranged hairstylist Yau Nam. In the film she had to be tied up, chased and screamed with all her might. During the shoot the on set atmosphere even scared the crew. Even Yau Nam praised how tough she was.

Having made many horror films, Wai Sze Nga has never had any trauma. Actually she had a therapy that was filled with childlike innocence for her soul. She said, "As soon as I finish a stressful scene, I would go home and watch cartoon. Some people say cartoon has therapeutic power, I don't know if it's true or not; but I rely on this to recover." Playing a deranged character for the first time, Yau Nam spent a month in advance to study hair washing and cutting technique from a hairstylist. During the shoot he even played the "hair wash boy" and washed Wai Sze Nga's hair. "I have never played such an extreme character, both the director and I agree on an image change. This time I want everyone to see a Yan Nam no one has seen before."

Wai Sze Nga was asked whether she hoped to find a breakthrough in her career? She said, "I have always been breaking through, now instead I wouldn't deliberately think about what I want to do. I used to really want to try new things; now even if the character is very similar to before, I would be very excited. I would think about how I could break through with the limited space. The only thing I want to try is a play or a silent drama. My shortcoming is body language, so I want to study in this area."

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