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Chiu Sin Hang remembers this meal scene with Uncle Chi

Hero Yuen says that rehearsing with Uncle Chi felt wonderful and fortunate
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Dick Liu Kai Ch's final film FATE (SAI SEUNG JI YAU BA BA HO) recently opened. Earlier a premiere was held. Uncle Chi's widow Chan Man Yi said that this was a movie that touched her and also would be able to touch the audience. The story was related to organ donation. In the film Uncle Chi and Chiu Sin Hang played father and son who were mad at each other. Hang Jia remembered working with Uncle Chi and said that he first Uncle Chi for the first time on the set. He rarely talked to him; in one silent father and son meal scene, during rehearsal, Uncle Chi was looking at his phone. Hang Jai at first felt that was very strange. In the film Uncle Chi was a taxi driver. Later Hang Ji realized that Uncle Chi on his phone installed a taxi dispatch app to get into character. He also used this way to bring Hang Jai into character, and made this silent meal scene much richer in emotions. This was a very professional and smart way to act, and he has learned from it. Hang Jai said that Uncle Chi after leaving the character was a great elder and took great care of the younger generations. Thus he was very thankful and happy to have a chance to work with him.

Hero Yuen Ching Fung also had memories from making this film. "Working with Uncle Chi was a shocking experience, from at first the feeling of seeing a giant to the process of working with him I discovered my shortcoming and nailed it right on the head. I remembered that after finishing the shoot, I had to spend 3 months to digest that disillusion because I experienced the difference in substance. Being able to rehearse with Uncle Chi felt very wonderful and fortunate!"

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