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Baby Bo and Hero Yuen promote their new film
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Baby Bo and Hero Yuen had many scenes with Liu Kai Chi.  Though both say Liu Kai Chi did not speak much, what they have learned from them have been very useful
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Baby Bo Pui Yu, Hero Yuen Ching Fung and Milkson Fong Siu Chung yesterday along with executive producer and producer Lee Lam Yan promoted FATE (SAI SEUNG JI YAU BA BA HO). This time was one of the final films of the late Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor Dick Liu Kai Chi. The story was about Uncle Chi and his only son Chung Jai (Chiu Sin Hang)'s relationship, unfortunately his son passed away in an accident. Uncle Chi played the pain of losing his son just right, touching people's hearts with his excellent acting and sincere emotions.

Ching Fung and Bo Pui Yu in the film had many scenes with Uncle Chi. Ching Fung recalled the experience of working with Uncle Chi and said that he was not pleased with his earliest performance in the film. "I felt very fortunate to have worked with a giant like Uncle Chi, which felt very awesome, wonderful and happy. Uncle Chi didn't speak much, but once in a vehicle she asked me about what I learned from the artist training class. At the time I thought Uncle Chi was displeased with my performance, ultimately the training class and the actual battle (acting) were different. Uncle Chi told him how he would perform if it was him. At the time I was a little frustrated, because if I knew I would have been able to do it instead of having 3 months of breakdown over this. Later I understood that Uncle Chi wanted me to use another angle to act and not to have another Liu Kai Chi."

Bo Pui Yu said that in the first scene she already had to shoot the pain of losing her son. She cried until she collapsed. In addition working with the elder Uncle Chi was very stressful. She once asked him for help, and Uncle Chi pointed out that the most important was to be herself because she too had acting experience; during the shoot Uncle Chi rarely spoke. He would keep studying the character, which she benefit from as well. Speaking of her friend Esther Wan Yue Hung passing away from cancer, she said that in the past few years a group of friends has been by her side, chatting with her and giving her massages. Because in the past few months she has been in the hospital, her legs were swollen. Her tumor was very malicious and kept growing in her abdomen like she was pregnant. She could only sleep sitting up and could not lie down. She even had several operations all in order to eat. A month and a half before she had her last operation. Although she was able to take one bite of food, she already took the doctor that she was very tired and no longer wanted treatment. "Thus the doctor only gave her morphine for the pain. She was a very strong fighter, now in Heaven she no longer needed to suffer. Everyone wished her well and hoped to see her again in Heaven."

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