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Michelle Wai and Wong Yau Nam have known each other for years but worked together for the first time, they exchange compliments about the other's professionalism.

In the film Michelle Wai's long hair tempts the hairstylist with a hair fetish Wong Yau Nam to kill
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Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Wong Yau Nam participated in the film TALES FROM THE OCCULT: BODY AND SOUL (SUT HUNG HUNG GAN ji JUI YU SAT)'s segment RAPUNZEL (TAU FAT) and played respectively a girl group member Maggie and a deranged hairstylist with a hair fetish. In the story Wai Sze Nga's long and luxurious hair caught Yau Nam's eyes and made him intend on killing her. Sze Nga in order to save her own life began a life and death fight against him.

Sze Nga said, "It was either him or me, so we had many chase scenes that would leave us completely drained. During the shoot when I put a plastic bag over Yau Nam's head, it was dangerous. Before hand I reminded him, if breathing became difficult he should slap my tight as a signal. However Yau Nam toughed it out until the director yelled cut. His face was all red and he was trying to catch his breath. We almost took his life, which gave me quite a fright." Yau Nam admitted that he was already on the edge of suffocation, but in order to reach the director's demand of seeing blood vessels in the eyeballs he could only use an unusual method. In order to shake off his kid stench, he transitioned with this film. After discussions with the director, he accepted Wong's suggestion. During the shoot he let Wong slow down his performance rhythm and show his mature side.

Yau Nam praised Wai Sze Nga as being very professional. In one scene he put her on a surgical table, tied up her limbs and then began. Off camera, Sze Nga did not let her go as she continued to maintain the state of fear. She did not ask for the crew to untie her. "Seeing her sacrifice for art was very heartbreaking, her limbs were all red and bruised from being tied up."

In real life, Sze Nga and Yau Nam both saw hair as their lives. However the former said that if the character would require it, she would be fine with shaving her head. Soon to 40, Yau Nam worried about inheriting his father's hair loss issue. He spent a lot of effort of keeping his hair and extending his hair's longevity. He revealed that years ago he had to shave his head for a Qing Dynasty costume in Shanghai. At the time he was concerned that under the blazing sun, his scalp would be damaged and his hair would not grow back. He bought a lot of hair care products. "For this character, I went to be an apprentice at a hair salon. When I got home I still kept practicing hair cutting and got hair all over the floor. Ma yelled at me." Sze Nga admired that Yau Nam was attentive, when he washed her hair he did not slack off. He even added a massage service.

Would Yau Nam pay attention to hair in choosing a girlfriend? He denied that. "I like to look at girls' calves, feeling that they should have beautiful curves; but when choosing a girlfriend I would look at the calves. I would focus on substance. The most important would be being kind and filial. If I would accept her, she could have thick legs and a lot of hair and I wouldn't care." As for what Sze Nga looked for in a mate, she said, "In this business I am used to seeing pretty boys that I am numb, so when choosing the other half appearance would not be important. The most important was inner beauty. If we would be compatible, I can get married without wearing a wedding gown."

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