Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Sean Lau has to be hot as he is dressed like this on location in the heat

Kenny Wong, Timmy Hung work with Sean Lau

Sean Lau during the shoot has to run back and forth
courtesy of on.cc

The fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan constantly took roles. Currently working on a new film, he earlier got sick and needed to stop and rest. Because he did not want to hinder the production progress, after testing negative again he immediately returned to work fully. When he was not in a scene he would discuss the scene with the director. Wearing a suit under the blazing sun, he turned into a "water person" but did not care. He worked for a full 6 hours without drinking a drop of water, showing his "iron Best Actor" nature!

Lau Ching Wan won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor this year. Before his victory he once said that he would make every movie like it would be his last, not because he thought life was unexpected but that the journey of an actor was difficult. He could be without a job at anytime. However, for him that was too humble. He absolutely has been a hot property in the business, with one film offer after another. Just finishing the film BA BA (PAPA) earlier, he very quickly had to join another large scale film production TAM BOON JUEN GA (NEGOTITION EXPERT). Perhaps he was too busy, his body has been frail and earlier he tested positive for COIVD. He had to stop all productions. However, work has always come first for Ching Wan. Because he did not want to affect the production progress, several days later when he tested negative he immediately returned to work.

Earlier, he worked on large scale scenes with car crashes and hostage taking in Ho Man Tin. Also on hand were Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Adam Pak Tin Nam, Ken Low Wai Kwong, and Michael Miu Kiu Wai. Ching Wan was completely focused on the production. When not in a scene, he very rarely chatted with other actors. He stood aside while cultivating his emotions and going into the tent to discuss the scenes with director Herman Yau Lai To; because the temperature reached over 30 degrees Celsius, under the blazing sun he was completely soaked. He worked the full 6 hours without drinking a drop of water, challenged the human body limits. As soon as he worked on a movie he would forget about himself just like an iron man.

As the shoot neared its end, Ching Wan finally "returned to his real self" and chatted and laughed with Wong Tak Bun, Hung Tin Ming and others. Miu Kiu Wai chatted with the crew and even had a female worker rolling over laughing, he was rather popular with the ladies. Hung Tin Ming had his wife Janet Chow Ka Wai and their children visiting the set.

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