Friday, May 19, 2023


Julian Cheung (right) and his wife Anita Yuen (second left) celebrate Chow Yun Fat (left)'s birthday
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Chow Yun Fat celebrates his birthday with colleagues from his new film ONE MORE CHANCE
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Chow Yun Fat's new film ONE MORE CHANCE will open on June 21st in the mainland but has no Hong Kong release date yet
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Chow Yun Fat two days ago celebrated his 68th birthday. "Fat Soh" Jasmine Tan presented a sweet surprise, arranging for Fat Gor's friends Alex Fong Chung Shun, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, producer Wong Bun, directors Felix Chong Man Keung and Anthony Pun (Poon Yiu Ming), as well as Fat Gor's "Iron Fans" Anita Yuen Wing Yee and Julian Cheung Chi Lam to celebrate with the birthday boy. Fat Soh even accompanied by the film GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN)'s classic music personally presented the cake. Fat Gor jokingly wielded the knife as he cut the cake while his friends sang the birthday song and thanked all the guests.

A fellow iron fan with his wife Len Len, Cheung Chi Lam also made it for the cake cutting and the group photo. As soon as he saw Fat Gor he gave him a hug. Len Len even shot a video. First outside the door she said that she would have dinner with her favorite person and asked everyone to guess. Then she told everyone there was no need to guess. When she opened the door and Fat Gor and Fat Soh was already sitting at the dinner table. Len Len said, "It's my super idol Mr. Chow Yun Fat, today is my dear Fat Gor's birthday, Happy Birthday! We also have our super beauty (Fat Soh), come and see!" Fat Soh immediately raised a victory sign. Len Len also asked Fat Gor to talk about his birthday wish. Fat Gor joked, "Chow Yun Fat Happy Birthday, Good Health, I wish for the movie (ONE MORE CHANCE) to have many viewers!" Len Len said, "It must!" Fat also said, "It must, great, thank you!"

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