Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Huang Xiaoming in the film THE MESSAGE played the Japanese soldier Takeda who in order to find an undercover agent used a variety of torture on Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu, Alec Su Yau Peng, and Yingda. Originally they thought that in the film he would not use any pain but he too suffered just as much. One of the suspects Zhou Xun after several days under his torture released her violent potential and with her teeth applied her greatest damage on him.

In the past Zhou Xun already had experience with flying toward a male lead and applying a bear hug. This time she used all her might to tightly grip Huang Xiaoming. During the shoot she already held him very tightly but the director took seven takes before accepting one. Actually director Gao Qunshu took seven takes to full display her thorough hatred for Xiaoming, but Zhou Xun every time had to use her arm strength to hang on Xiaoming. Thus after this scene she was absolutely exhausted.

Huang Xiaoming also felt that because he abused other actors all day and night, Zhou Xun avenged everyone this time. He was somewhat embarrassed because Zhou Xun hung on his body. Before hand he asked her if she minded but she said that the result was the most important. Thus he appreciated her trust and did not treat him like a pervert. Xiaoming even displayed his gentleman side, whenever Zhou Xun was lacking in arm strength he would hold her tight as support. He joked, "Zhou Xun was very light. With her hanging on my neck she absolutely wasn't a burden. Yet for realism, she indeed had to directly bite my ear. On several occasions it hurt very, very much, but I asked for it. I hoped my reaction was the absolute truth." After this scene, whenever Xiaoming made fun of her, she said, "Be careful or I will bite your ear again!"

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