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Alec Su Yau Peng, Li Bingbing and Zhang Hanyu
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Li Bingbing and Zhou Xun in the film THE MESSAGE dueled in acting. Li Bingbing this time even challenged herself as she bared her back for a scene in which Huang Xiaoming measured her entire body. After this scene Bingbing broke down and cried.

Li Bingbing earlier came to Hong Kong to promote THE MESSAGE and was interviewed with Alec Su Yau Peng and Zhang Hanyu. In one scene the Japanese soldier Huang Xiaoming demanded Li Bingbing to remove her clothing to measure her entire body to see if she was lying. Because in this scene Bingbing was nude, naturally it became the film's focus. Bingbing honestly said that the story required this scene and no one should look at it from a nudity angle. This time was her most daring and thorough performance in her film career. Before the shoot, she and Huang Xiaoming communicated and Xiaoming was very nervous as well. Luckily it only needed two takes to complete.

Afterward, the directors praised Bingbing and Xiaoming for their great performance, in particular Bingbing was able to perform the helpless resistance and emotional eruption when human dignity reached its bottom. Did she think about not making this scene? Bingbing said that an actor should make more attempts. After completing this scene, the directors and Xiaoming immediately helped her with her clothes and everyone cried in an embrace. Bingbing said that not only this scene but other scene productions were hard to take. They often cried for a long time. In one scene she had to hit Zhou Xun. She felt hitting someone was harder than getting hit because she felt regretful. Although Zhou Xun told her to go ahead, after hitting her she kept saying sorry.

Su Yau Peng had to perform Kun opera in the film so four months before he went to Beijing Kun opera academy to study. He felt that learning Kun opera was very tough. The pronunciation was very important and the lotus hand gesture took a long time to learn. Yet he was very happy that the Kun opera instructor praised his singing and pointed out that he could perform. With such a strong cast, Yau Peng honestly said that he had pressure. He expressed that now he no longer watch or enjoy idol series so he would not perform in it again. In the film Yau Peng and a male commander had a relationship that had some homosexual tendency, but those scenes were cut.

Zhang Hanyu expressed that after making this film he needed a year and a half to be able to leave it. However, he expressed that he did not need to see a doctor but it would not be a problem with a strong will. His family's understanding was the most important. In the film Zhang Hanyu had to suffer torture, one of which was a "needle torture" in his skull. He also had to be tie up. He said that during the shoot he felt like he was better off dead. By the 12 needles he felt to have lost his memory. He only learned about needle torture when he made this film.

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