Monday, October 12, 2009


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George Lam Chi Cheung yesterday along with the film PRINCE OF TEARS director Yonfan and actress Oceana Zhu Xuan attended the film's original soundtrack press conference. Yesterday was Ah Lam's birthday. Yonfan presented a leather bag and a cake, Zhu Xuan gave Ah Lam three kisses at the request of the press.

When asked how old he was, Ah Lam joked that he was a year younger than Alan (Tam Wing Lun). However this year's birthday has been very cheerful. His daughter in Greece and son in the U.S. both called and last night he and his wife Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man) celebrated with 20 to 30 fans. Sally purchased a coat from New York for him but due to the incorrect size now he had to wait for the exchange. As for a birthday wish, he wished for world peace and good health for every friend. In recent years Ah Lam celebrated with his close fans. He said, "Since my stage accident, these fans were very concerned and supported my recovery. I was very touched. Since I never had a fan club, I took the chance to meet with them."

Although Ah Lam asked fan not to give gifts, fans often used computers to make some gifts for him. He felt these gifts were more meaningful than expensive ones.

In addition, the host asked him about the theme song recording process. He joked that he had Alzheimer's and forgot how to record. Will he return to film? He said that he has always guest starred but he would have to properly consider a lead role. He was not used to make movies when he should be sleeping.

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