Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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CHINESE FILM PANORAMA 2009: CELEBRATING THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA two nights ago held its opening ceremony in Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center, with the Ye Ying directed TIAN AN MEN as the opening film. Lead actor Pan Yueming and lead actress Guo Keyu also attended. Other opening ceremony guests included former Secretary of Justice Leung Oi Sze, Secretary of Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing and Ng See Yuen. Diana Pang Tan also appeared. Earlier she was suspected of cosmetic surgery and two nights ago her appearance changed. Yet she insisted that she was all natural and absolutely would not have cosmetic surgery.

Reporters had to take a long glimpse before recognizing Dan Dan. Her face was obviously swollen and her facial muscle stiff. Reporters claimed that she looked different from before. Dan Dan explained that earlier she gained 12 pounds for the village woman role. She nervously clarified, "I never had plastic surgery. Actually I am really fatter. I object very much to cosmetic surgery. The audience may like my former, thinner look." Reporters said that her nose looked different. She said, "It is the same as it ever has been. I am very afraid to come back and see reporters, I worried about double chin, fat arms, of cosmetic surgery accusations. We are people of substance, don't you write bad about me."

Was she afraid that people would not recognize her? She said, "No way! Someone on the streets just now asked me if I was pregnant. I actually am fatter."

Maggie Lee Man Kwan revealed that she will head to Guangzhou for the film MEI LAI MUK LING with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. She felt stress from the chance to work with Best Actress. In the film she will appear in swimwear and sexy sleepwear, but the film will mainly be a comedy so they will not be too provocative.

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