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THE MESSAGE as the 14th Annual Pusan Film Festival closing film will be screened outdoors tonight with around 6,000 viewers. Director Chen Kuo-Fu, stars Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Alec Su Yau Peng appeared at the Pusan International Film Festival. At the press conference, Huang Xiaoming greeted everyone with Korean that he just learned and won the cheer of the entire venue. He also expressed that he admired Korean director Park Chan-Woon and actress Song Hye-Kyo. This was Huang Xiaoming's international film festival debut.

Huang Xiaoming expressed that this was his first interview in Korea and his first participation in the Pusan International Film Festival. When asked about his impression of Pusan, he said, "I feel it somewhat resembles our Qingdao. Standing here, I feel like I was in my hometown Qingdao. That deja vu feeling is very familiar." Although it was his first visit in Korea, Huang Xiaoming had fans welcoming him at the airport and following him throughout his stay.

Huang Xiaoming spent nearly two months on Japanese training to play Japanese spy chief Takeda. This time at THE MESSAGE Korean press conference he again showed his language ability and introduced himself and greeted everyone with Korean that he just learned. Thus he won applause. As for his favorite Korean films and actors, Huang Xiaoming expressed that
director Park Chan-Woon's film OLD BOY left a very deep impression with him. If he had the chance he would like to work with him. As for actors, he said that Song Hye-Kyo was very pretty and he too would like the chance to work with her. Singer wise, he admired Lee Hyo-Lee. He performed one of her songs in his record.

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