Friday, October 23, 2009


Lu Chuan (second right, CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH)
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China film market's ample benefits are attracting more and more investors. Guangdong province film company chief Zhao Jun revealed that in the first nine months of this year, China's film box office has already exceeded 6 billion. The future market growth will be even more tempting. In order to gain even more market share, Guangdong province film company with its strong cinema circuits signed a contract with Stellar Megamedia Group Ltd. to expand cinema facilities in a joint venture.

Reportedly, in the first nine months of this year China film box office broke the 6 billion mark. Mainland China cinema numbers have already reached 1616. In terms of regions, Guangdong led all Chinese provinces. In terms of cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou were the top four.

However, Stellar Megamedia chief Qin Hong felt that although China's film market has been explosive, it remains small. In terms of future development it has enormous potential. China's future development direction will be making as much as the U.S. film market, the most important part of which will be cinema construction and expansion -- the source of the entire China film industry's revenue. Qin Hong expressed, although currently no one film company in the nation can rival industry giant China Film Group, industry collaborations will help China's film market.

The Stellar Megamedia production THE CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH was a hit, which made Lu Chuan one of China's 100 million yuan box office directors. He attended Stellar Megamedia and Guangdong province film company's collaboration agreement signing ceremony and revealed his future plans. Lu Chuan said, after THE CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH he had no intention to participate in the Lunar New Year film competition. He did not want to put himself completely on box office goals. He felt without the Lunar New Year box office film's enormous pressure, he can have even greater freedom to make movies. Another director Zhang Yang expressed that now he is working on the film NO ONE DRIVING that is expected to be released in June. He felt that box office revenue now has already become film director's most important measurement standard outside artistic creativity.

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